The sky is not blue, it never was, it is the result of the way our brain interprets a given sequence of waves of electromagnetic radiation we know as light.

Blue does not exist, nor any color.

Nothing in the universe, including ourselves is what we see or feel.
We live immersed in a virtual reality. (Authors like Pierre Lévy have pointed out the existence of different levels of virtuality)
The application of virtual reality, through technology, though initially centered in the field of entertainment and video games, has extended to other fields, such as medicine, archeology, military training, flight simulation and obviously artistic creation.

Light manifests itself sometimes as wave and sometimes as particle, this discovery of the dual nature of light can also be applied to matter which shares this duality.

An atom or an electron can also take the appearance of a wave or a particle depending on how it is scientifically measured.

Niels Bohr, a danish physicist who carried out fundamental contributions to the understanding of the atomic structure and to quantum mechanics physics, called this concept "the principle of complementarity". He saw in complementarity a consequence of the inevitable interaction between phenomenon and the apparatus that measures it. This means that duality is not in "reality", but rather in the results of experimental interactions and therefore, reality does not have the "solidity" we attribute to it.

Everything is illusion, illusion that reigns to a disappointing evolution of political systems, religions and philosophies to provide with concrete answers to our existential concerns.

Art then, without being an end in itself, can be a mean to increase the level of awareness and for finding an answer which does not transit through the channels of logical thought.

For me it has a dual purpose: An aesthetic one, and the other being communication by which I express a vision of my own being and the universe.

An open, subjective and arguable purpose. One way to investigate reality, the inexistance of time and space, merging Western and Eastern optics in tune with new scientific discoveries and the latest technology.

Among the many languages ​​of art that coexist today, for me, abstraction is the most essential of disciplines as it reduces reality only to its chromatic, formal and structural aspects. It has to do with my inner search, with my desire to understand the essence of existence.

An abstract object is an object that has no matter, as well as a digital work doesn’t either. We could say it’s an idea, which is energy.

Digital technology applied to art, constitutes a dematerialization of the artistic work.

A digital image is the visual result of a process in which the function of light in a chemical photographic format, or in a magnetic one in the case of video, has been replaced by a mathematical calculation performed by a computer.

Obviously considering that the tools themselves do not generate creativity, given that the artistic capacity depends on much deeper factors than the mere provision of technological means.

To produce art I basically utilize three tools: the contemplation of myself and the world around me, meditation and digital technology.

I believe that meditation can not be practiced in the West as in a temple in Tibet or India, but it’s a tool that has the means to, perhaps, contribute to inner peace and it personally, allows me to bring out inner landscapes and more subtle optics of everything which "is", not as a distinct reality to conventional, but as another view of that same natural reality.

I try to make art without thinking, I try to recall images emerged in those fleeting moments when, during meditation, I achieve a certain state of clarity, a kind of happiness, a moment free of every thought, of every concept.
Without thinking.
Rediscovering the essential, simplify and clarifying existence, avoiding self torturing to achieve that which I don’t have, that which I don’t need, living in the present, avoiding reviewing the past and imagining the future.
I try to calm through art and meditation negative thoughts, to establish a correspondence between the world of forms and colors with the world of wisdom and inner clarity.
My work aims to link the viewer through the symbolic, with a more subtle knowledge and mental state, always bearing in mind that no work of art can replace the richness of personal experience of the observer himself.

I do not pretend a rational understanding, nor intend that anyone especially understands anything of what I do.
I seek a spiritually powerful language, akin to magical realism, since the universe and the existence of all that "exists" has a lot of magic.
I seek an art with soul that arrives slowly and subliminally to the unconscious of the observer. Gently flowing from more subtle universes.
That leads to calm, that connect us with the inexistance of time and space, that brings us closer to the immateriality of music and light.
I propose to change the established forms of communication using the technique of meditation with digital technology. These technologies inspire and enable new visions of reality.